Experience authentic candle
       light with the advantages
         of high-end technology 
 Restore the authentic ambiance
         of historical chandeliers
Experience historical luminaires
           in their original form
        Experience art and 
   antique to the fullest with
highly realistic colour rendering 

EVA Optic, LED specialist candle light

EVA Optic is Dutch developer and manufacturer of high quality LED candle lighting. We restore the authentic look of chandeliers and candleholders to their historical origins while making use of the latest lighting technologies. We are experts in the field of candle lighting for historical environments and comply with the highest aesthetic and quality demands.

Art restorer Ingrid Stricker from the Bayerische Schlösserverwaltung will take you in the adjacent video along the restoration of chandeliers using the EVA LED Candle.

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Our projects

Gravenzaal town hall – Haarlem

After 650 years, the town hall in Haarlem said goodbye to its last real candles in late 2016. The direct cause for the renovation was the farewell dinner held in honour of mayor Bernt Schneiders in the stately Gravenzaal. The organisation of this farewell dinner suggested lighting the candles in the chandeliers during this dinner. However, this proved to be easier said than done.

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Entertainment park – Florida

The EVA LED Candle is part of a big show in an entertainment park in Florida (USA). The organisation of this show had been looking for quality LED candles, which were as identical as possible to authentic candles in terms of look and light colour, for quite some time. The EVA LED Candle appeared to be the perfect solution.

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Paushuize – Utrecht

In this beautiful historical building in Utrecht, multiple chandeliers were equipped with EVA LED Candles in early 2016. The antique chandeliers were supposed to be restored to their original state as much as possible. That is how the demand arose for candles that look identical to wax candles, but with the warm light colour and light output of bulbs.

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Experience authentic candle light

with the advantages of high-end technology