Gravenzaal town hall – Haarlem

From handicraft to LED

After 650 years, the town hall in Haarlem said goodbye to its last real candles in late 2016. The direct cause for the renovation was the farewell dinner held in honour of mayor Bernt Schneiders in the stately Gravenzaal. The organisation of this farewell dinner suggested lighting the candles in the chandeliers during this dinner. However, this proved to be easier said than done.


Beautiful eye-catcher

In the Gravenzaal in Haarlem there are no less than 96 candles, divided over four chandeliers. The candles had been illuminated only once a year during the past years, only during the city council’s budget planning dinner. For this reason, the Municipality of Haarlem decided to start looking for an electric solution in order to be able to illuminate the chandeliers during other festive occasions as well. The EVA LED Candle complies with all aesthetic and innovative requirements for historical interiors and has proven to be perfectly suitable for the Gravenzaal in Haarlem.

The LED Candle combines the qualities of authentic candles (aesthetic and historical value) and traditional electric candles (light colour and intensity) with the advantages of LED technology (low voltage and durability). EVA LED candle lighting has made it possible to restore the authentic ambiance of the Gravenzaal to its original state.

The EVA LED Candle not only looks quite nice, but is also very durable and reliable. Convection cooling in combination with sound materials and techniques create quality candles that the Municipality of Haarlem will not have to replace for years to come. They are not only saving money on energy costs (a reduction of over 80 percent), but also on maintenance costs. The EVA LED Candle is nearly equal to a bulb in terms of colour temperature and has extensive dimming and control options, without needing to change the existing wiring of the luminaire. A simple adjustment with a great result!

Experience authentic candle light

with the advantages of high-end technology