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Knowledge, quality and flexibility are the strengths of EVA. We have extensive knowledge about LED technology, control technology and the necessary components. We use this practical knowledge very effectively in practice for the in-house development and manufacturing of EVA LED lighting. Our consultants will offer you more than just lighting advice alone. 


They think in terms of possibilities. What does your project need, what are your wishes? We know our market well and know exactly what our products can do. This means that we can offer you a complete lighting plan because, in most cases, there are many more possibilities than the client, architect and consultant are aware of.

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In order to provide you with a light advice, we ask you to provide the following information as complete as possible. If available, we would like to receive photos or (construction) drawings of the room in which you want to place our luminaires. If you want to replace luminaires, we would like to receive photos of the existing situation. After receiving your request for advice, we will contact you within a few working days.

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