EVA LED Candle

No compromises

The EVA LED Candle combines the qualities of authentic candles (aesthetic and historical value) and traditional electric candles (light colour and light intensity) with the advantages of LED technology (low voltage and durability). The size and shape of the flames are nearly identical to those of real candles, and works of art are displayed in a very realistic manner in the light of the EVA LED Candle. The EVA LED Candle is the first LED candle that makes it possible to restore the authentic ambiance of historical buildings to their original states.

Experience authentic candle light with the
advantages of high-end technology

The EVA LED Candle contains an internal driver. This means that there will not be any differences in the light intensity of the candles, such as is the case with an external driver. Most historical chandeliers are equipped with a two-wired powerline (plus and minus). This generally does not offer any extra control options, such as dimming. The powerline converter developed by EVA Optic makes extensive control options possible. This powerline converter adds a data signal to the two-wired powerline, so extensive control options are made possible through the existing wiring of the luminaire. That way, every candle can be controlled individually or in groups, and candleholders or chandeliers can be illuminated synchronously or play separate light scenes. Dimmed, a realistic kindle function, or a combination of the two: all tailor-made according to your wishes.

Restore the authentic ambiance of
historical chandeliers

As much as they look like real candles from the outside, the inside of the product tells an entirely different story. The EVA LED Candle is a quality technical product, which offers the optimum LED lifespan because of the patented convection cooling. The LEDs we apply in the candles are so powerful that they can generate high light outputs. Without sufficient cooling, the lifespan of an LED is limited. Overheating of LEDs can cause colour shifts, (drastic) decrease in light output or burnout of the LED. Thanks to the clever design, the aluminium housing of the EVA LED Candle serves as convection cooling device that efficiently disposes of the heat produced by the LED. By protecting the LED properly, the expected lifespan increases significantly (> 50,000 burning hours) and maintenance can be limited. In addition, the EVA LED Candle has a built-in thermal security system to protect against overheating.

“The ambient EVA LED Candle offers our clients a low-energy alternative when they want to switch to electric candle lighting. Together with EVA Optic, we are the suppliers for several projects, including the Gravenzaal in Haarlem. In Haarlem, people used to light all the candles in the chandeliers by hand for every event. The switch to LED candle lighting saves a lot of preparation time for our client, since the chandeliers can be controlled at a distance. Also, fire risks have been decreased in this beautiful monumental building. EVA Optic always sticks to the delivery time specified and provides us with excellent service if necessary. Besides the Gravenzaal in Haarlem, we now also supply palaces with EVA LED candle lighting, and many great projects will follow in the future!”

Eric van Koningsbrugge
Work Planner Breedveld & Schröder

Experience historical luminaires in
their original form

Authentic candles form the basis for the design of the many beautiful chandeliers and candleholders that can be admired today in palaces, historical buildings and museums. After over a century, bulbs and halogen candles are being replaced with LED candles, thanks to the phase-out of these inefficient light sources in 2018. By using LED technology, the original look of chandeliers can be restored. The EVA LED Candle is indistinguishable from real candles, both switched on and off. The EVA LED Candle is in two light colours available: the 2000K (candle light)  and 2500K (bulb) versions.

From the colour of the candle housing to the shape of the flame and the way in which the light illuminates the room: the EVA LED Candle is nearly identical to an authentic candle (360° all around). In addition, the EVA LED Candle offers the option to choose between a static flame or a flame with realistic optical “flame movement” (candles separately addressed) which makes the authentic experience of the luminaire complete.

Experience art and antiques to the fullest
with highly realistic colour rendering

In spaces with antique objects and art, minimum colour distortion is of the utmost importance. In artificial light, especially LEDs, the colours in the environment can be distorted, which might lead to red colours in a paintings looking purple and skin tones turning greyish. The average colour quality (CQS) of the EVA LED Candle is 97 out of 100. The depiction of red, the colour that scores lowest with most LEDs, is nearly perfect (99). The equally high colour score makes the EVA LED Candle especially perfect for historical interiors. But of course it is also perfect for museums, where no high-quality solution had been available until now.

Experience authentic candle light

witht the advantages of high-end technology