About EVA

We are EVA

EVA Optic is Dutch developer and manufacturer of LED lighting for demanding lighting environments. As a LED lighting specialist, EVA is always aware of the best and latest possibilities in LED technology, control technology and the necessary components. We apply our knowledge very effectively to the practice of in-house development and manufacturing of LED lighting fixtures.


EVA has the expertise, experience and resources necessary to develop high-quality solutions for every historical environment. When mainstream LED lighting is not enough and the demands in terms of light experience and quality are exceptionally high, EVA offers the solution.

You can find EVA in nature

EVA Optic is located at the edge of the Weerriben-Wieden Natural Park in Zwartsluis (Overijssel) in the Netherlands. The site of our offices and production facilities are situated in the middle of the beautiful natural landscape of the Netherlands, with view over the Zwartewater. All EVA LED lighting is designed, developed and produced in-house. This in-house combination offers important advantages, such as constant quality control, quick and continuous product development, flexibility, and safeguarding of knowledge. This is reflected in the quality and performance of EVA LED lighting.


Continued development

EVA stands for the quality of its products, without compromising on the quality of either the components or the end product. The products are further developed in EVA’s own production facility in Zwartsluis until everyone is 100% satisfied with both the quality and performance of the product. EVA applies the most recent market developments, as well as the latest developments in LED technology and control technology, to its products according to international standards.