Entertainment park – Florida

Authentic look

The EVA LED Candle is part of a big show in an entertainment park in Florida (USA). The organisation of this show had been looking for quality LED candles, which were as identical as possible to authentic candles in terms of look and light colour, for quite some time. The EVA LED Candle appeared to be the perfect solution.


Shine on the main stage

Our client chose the LED Candle by EVA Optic for the candle’s highly realistic look, the light colour, its significant light output and the combination with DMX control. The candles were especially custom-made for this entertainment park, which resulted in our client receiving exactly the right lights. The candles were quickly ready to be installed on the large pillars placed in the entertainment park during many shows. Several hundreds of EVA LED Candles have been creating a spectacular sight on the pillars of the main stage during shows in Florida for several years now!

Experience authentic candle light

with the advantages of high-end technology