Paushuize – Utrecht

Identical to wax candles

In this beautiful historical building in Utrecht, multiple chandeliers were equipped with EVA LED Candles in early 2016. The antique chandeliers were supposed to be restored to their original state as much as possible. That is how the demand arose for candles that look identical to wax candles, but with the warm light colour and light output of bulbs.


Realistic colour rendering

There are many works of art in various rooms of this historical building. In order to get the most out of the art, an optimum colour rendering is very important. All colours in the environment are depicted in a highly realistic manner with the EVA LED Candle, which has a colour rendering (Colour Quality Scale) of 97 out of 100. The art in Paushuize is displayed as if you were looking at it in natural daylight.

This is very unique, considering that no other LED candle lighting depicts the colours of the environment in such a realistic way. The light of many candles leads to colour distortion for certain colours. For example, red colours in works of art will look purple and skin tones turn greyish. Specifically for art, this is very bothersome and not desirable.

The EVA LED Candle not only looks quite nice, but is also very durable and reliable. Convection cooling in combination with sound materials and techniques create a quality candle that will function properly for years to come. You will not only save money on energy costs (a reduction of over 80 per cent), but also on maintenance costs.

Experience authentic candle light

with the advantages of high-end technology